Our Team

From people who do nothing else but time events for a living to local teachers and coaches looking for extra work, our team has years of experience doing what they love.

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Matt Pisciotta
Timing Crew Director / Online Entries Manager

Matt ran for track & cross country for Fordham Prep in high school where he got his start working on coach George Febles results crew.  From there Matt learned FinishLynx and Hy-Tek timing meets for the Westchester CYO program. He has been a mainstay on The Armory timing crew since 2014 where he acts at head timer for most meets, timing high profile meets like the Dr. Sander Invitational, The NYRR Millrose Games Trials, and many others.  Few people in the country have timed as many track & field & XC meets in the last five years as Matt has.


Justin Windman
Timing Crew Director / Road Race Consultant

Justin started working for me over 13 years ago while still in college - typing results into excel at The Armory.  While he is now an Assistant Manager for Timing at the NYRR, Justin has years of experience as a timer and Hy-Tek operator for FAT and at The Armory.  His knowledge of Road Races now make him our leading expert and first guy I go to with any road race questions.  He continues to grow as a timer and works on some of the biggest road races in the country.  He doesn't work for us as much these days as he's busy with NYRR and his new baby boy.


Serena Warner
Timing Crew Director

Serena started timing at The Armory in December 2013 and has become one of the best FinishLynx operators I have ever met.  From 10 lanes on the infield to 200m splits on the track, Serena is one of the best. She is transitioning to running her own crew for us this spring season and growing her skill set accordingly.  She comes from a track & field family - like I do - as her Mom is a long time coach and Armory staff member.

Julie Potter - Hytek Operator
Julie’s extensive experience as an athlete who competed for Suffern HS and UConn are invaluable in her role for us.  She has been a Hy-Tek operator since 2015 and quickly became one of our best.  She's a runner and trackie through and through and even coaches high school  cross country.

Phil Greenwald - Hytek Operator & Field Lynx Manager
Phil Greenwald's years of experience in the sports of track and field and road racing are invaluable to us.  Phil has worked events for the NYRR and USATF for years - and is currently the treasurer for USATF NY. He is one of the best FieldLynx experts I have ever met and his attention to detail makes our entire team better.  Phil is also one of the leading experts on Masters Track & Field and serves as the Masters International Team Manager for USATF.

Michelle Ferreira - Hytek Operator
Michelle is a teacher and track official who is new to our team.  She has years of clerking experience which really helps her with Hy-Tek duties.  

Daniel Nelson -  - Hytek & Lynx Operator
Dan is a distance runner who was looking for some work in track & field.  Mainly a Hy-Tek operator Dan will be transitioning to FinishLynx this season.  His two years of experience at The Armory have got him up to speed quickly.  When he's not working or running he's busy raising his son.

Chris Coscio - Hytek & Lynx Operator
A local track coach since he graduated college, Chris started timing this year and will be part of our 3rd and 4th crews when needed.  His passion for the sport is obvious and he now works with FDR High School in Hyde Park.

James McCowan - Hytek & Lynx Operator
James is the head XC and Track & Field Coach at Vassar College.  He only works a few events a year for us but his knowledge of road races, trails races, and the college scene are invaluable to us.  You may recognize him from TV as he is always the starters assistant at the NYRR Millrose Games each year at The Armory.  James is also a very good local trail runner who lives in Gardiner, NY.


Lex Mercado - Lexicon Timing

Lex is one of the best timers I have ever met - and perhaps the happiest.  While he has his own timing company he does partner with us on a few events and fills in when we’re in a pinch.  He can do it all - from Lynx to Hy-Tek to ResulTV - and he usually does it ALONE. A true one man shop.  If you need a timer in the Philly area he's your guy.