FAT cross country season in full swing

With 14  meets on the schedule this year FAT has already tripled last year's total.  Last week we were at both Warwick and Brewster - the first time we have done two XC meets on the same day.

This photo is from the press box at Brewster.  I ran an IdentiLynx Camera just as a total backup.  Jasom Kronstat from DirectAthletics.com was on hand to test some MeetPro features.  I hope you guys like the MeetPro results we posted from Brewster.


Fulton Invitational


Today is The Fulton Invitational - named after my father Dennis who coached at Harrison HS for almost 20 years and taught there for over 30.

This photo is of my grandpa starting a race at this meet a few years before he passed. 

It may not be a sweep hand watch like my granpa timed with back in the 60's but I'll be out there today - with my dad -  thinking of him.

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Welcome to F.A.T.

Thanks for checking out my new venture.  I am excited to bring my experience timing indoor track & field meets outside this spring.  The blog is where I'll add photos and coverage from events that we time.  We start our season on April 5th at Pearl River.  Hope the weather improves because we all know how bad track in April can be.