Fulton Accurate Timing uses FinishLynx Technology in conjunction with Hy-Tek Meet Manager and/or Meet Pro to give you Fully Automatic Times for your track and field meets.  We can integrate with existing scoreboards to display running times and results if available.  We can also provide a results feed for an announcer if desired.  Live results to the web are now standard through trackmeet.io.  We can also use this same technology to time cycling events, ultra races, and mud runs.

We have been offering Ipico Chip Timing with FinishLynx software for your XC and road running needs for 4 years now.  With the addition of Ipico Chip Readers we can offer instant results, live splits, and announcer feeds for events well over 5,000 runners.  We can handle large day of registration needs if needed.

For smaller road races we utilize Hy-Tek meet manager and bar code readers to produce quick and accurate results by age group and gender.  

FAT tries to be as "Green" as possible by reducing our imprint, reusing as many supplies as possible, and recycling everything.  We are working towards powering all of our equipment with onsite solar energy or batteries recharged with solar power.

We pride ourselves on being as flexible as possible for meet directors, coaches, and athletes.  Our vast experience of directing some of the largest track and field meets in the country gives us the knowledge to help make your event the best it can be.